How long is your typical set?

We play from 8pm until midnight.  Only taking a break for the buffet.

Can you play until 1am?

We don't play live after midnight (that's already three and half hours of live music!) but we can offer a DJ set from midnight until 1am.  You can also choose the songs you would like played at this time.  There is an additional fee for this – please e-mail your enquiry.

How long does it take to set up?

So that we can get the best sound for your event we ask for 1 hour set-up time.

Can I choose the set for the night?

Part of our success is choosing the right songs to be played in the right order to keep your guests happy and your dance floor packed!  This is the best part of choosing an experienced band - we make it easier for you.  However, if you do have any specific songs you would especially like, we can certainly add them in.

What time will the band arrive?

As most weddings start at 8pm, we will arrive at the latest 7pm.

Can you learn more than one first dance?

As we are now one of the busiest bands in the country, playing two to three weddings a week, we have to limit new songs to 1 only.  We pride ourselves on playing new songs very well and put a lot of rehearsal time into making your 1st songs sound fabulous.  However, if you would like a specific 2nd song from our set, we are happy to play it for you.  We have slow songs for father\daughter dances in our set-list tab.